Just wanted to thank you for your faithful service to our Father.  Those of us growing up need to see our mature brothers and sisters working in the business, the correct way.  In peace, truth and reverence to Father God through Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour.
D Jaris
Newport News, VA

This is a wonderful site for anybody who is trying to find the truth.  I have a very enquiring mind, I do not take what everyone says to me as the gospel truth.  I do however take everything that God says to me as the total Truth.  You have some very good explanations, some I find a little confusing, which at a later date will most likely be clarified.  I am new to the power of Jesus in my life, but since receiving Christ, I have had a whole makeover.  My anger has gone, my bitterness has gone, I have been able to forgive previous enemies through the grace of God.  And most of all there is total peace in me that only Jesus can do.  My thirst and hunger for the truth is never ending, and by the grace of God, my eyes are beginning to open.  I will recommend this site to anyone with an enquiring mind, and pray that they come to the same conclusion.  Thank you so much.
England, United Kingdom

Excellent site!  Ties scripture, apologetics, logic, science together to the glory of God!  I wish I could tie all those things together so well when I speak to people about Messiah.
Hanford, CA

Thank you for taking the time to put this information out for everyone to see.  I did not know much about Bible Prophecy until I came here.  Thank you for opening my eyes to the real truth.  Ever since I saw this site, I have been eager to learn all I can about the Bible.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding - Proverbs 9:10.  Those of you who scoff at the Bible as "fairytale" and "myth" should open your eyes.
James M
Virginia, USA

Your info on the atheism page "Who created God?" is so true.  I wonder why the skeptics do not want to believe.  I wonder what they need to be able to taste the taste of salt again. 


This website is so cool.  I think that if we got people to go and check it out for a while, it could really make a difference in someone's life and the lives of others they affect because of you.
Sabrina Dennig

This is an awesome site, and to that Gail girl, it is not us who believe in a fairy tail, it is you.  We believe in the truth, and his name is Jesus Christ. Wake up Gail!  God bless whoever made this site.

I enjoyed this website very much.  I was having some troubles with doubts about God, but this web site really helped me out.  Take care and God bless.

I love this website.

"Well done!"  Your Humble Fellow Servant In Christ Jesus!  Thank You.  [email protected].
Pastor Jerry Mooneyham
Lewiston, Idaho

This is an awesome site.  I will let all my friends know about it.  I have tried to explain creation in a scientific way to my children and my friends and the information that you have provided it great!  You have blessed me today!  God Bless you.

Very nice job on the site!  Glad to see others taking the time to spread the word. God bless :)

I was very blessed by your site, It is God's will that all should come into the knowedge of  the truth that is in Christ Jesus.  Your site is very informative and honest.  God's richest and best to you.  C.A.S.A. Recovery Ministries.  In His Service,
Rev. Ricky Joe Thompson
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Cool page.

Praise the Lord that there is a person like you willing to do a website like this. Everyone please pray for the lost souls who just won't accept Jesus Christ for what ever reason.  It is so sad that they have no clue where they are really headed.  I try to look at every person as someone on their way to hell.  It makes it so much easier to witness to them if you just think of them as burning in hell forever and if they reject what you are trying to tell them, just remember, it is Jesus they are rejecting and don't let it dampen your spirits.  We can only plant the seed.  God gives the increase.  Keep planting those seeds!

Wow, what else can I say except wow.  Thank you for this site.

I think this site is a waste of time and a perfect example of just how much CRAP there is on the internet.  Sad how many people buy into this fairytale B.S.  Grow up, folks!

You took a lot of time to write this and I thank you.  It is true and honest and the word.  Thank you again.
San Francisco

Thank You!  And to everyone else...PRAY!  For our world, for our leaders, for our sons, daughters, mothers and fathers.  PRAY!
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

The best Christian site I've seen for a long while.  Keep up the good work!


Thank God Jesus Works.
Prof. M.T. Toom
Ottawa, ON Canada

Nice work on this website.  Right to the point.  More importantly, it's the truth.  I am forwarding this website to my non-Christian business partner.  He has a lot of questions and I think this website answers all of them.  You may never know whose lives will be touched by God through your website.  Perhaps one day you and I will meet at the Throne and the Anointed One will point over to my partner who is there with us because of your convictions to post the truth online.  God bless you.

I have not yet read much, but I enjoyed what I read concerning the theory of evolution.
Benjamin L

I think fundamentalism rots the mind.  Your site proves it.  Thanks for the laugh!

I really like your site.  This world and cyberspace needs more like it.

I was searching for the words of a song called Godspot by Anointed.  I saw a Google ad and decided to check it out. I'm a Christian, and I love what you've done.  Keep up the good work!  People will keep coming to this site because, as the song says, "No one can fulfill the Godspot".
South Africa

Hi, your site is very thoughtful and well-presented.  These are things I've been thinking about a lot lately.  What I think makes Jesus totally different from anyone else in recorded history is his love.  Lots of people have laid down their lives for the truth.  But nobody else has said "I love every single one of you" unconditionally and I'll die for you - which is why he's my personal saviour.  He knew that to really make his point, he'd have to die.  One could even argue this obliged him to say he was God.  As for me, I'm open to the miraculous possibilities that he was conceived by a virgin and bodily resurrected - but these things aren't as important to me as his love and the promise that his kingdom is available to me NOW.
Nova Scotia, Canada

Thank You for putting this on the internet.  This is the word of God and I thank you for showing that to world.  I printed this out and I'm going to show this to everyone I know - family and friends.  Thanks and may God bless you.

The Lord Jesus Christ is our hope, our truth, our justice, the source of all love and our eternal savior.  Praise, Glory and Honor be to our King who by the will of the Father has paid the price for all those that are called into sonship with the Almighty God.   Brothers and sisters lift your heads up, look towards the finish line and hang on tight, our redemption draws near!  [email protected].
David Osterhout

Very interesting website.  I'm a true believer of the Gospel of Christ Jesus and believe Him to be my personal Lord and Savior.  I send you greetings from Faith Chapel Christian Center in Birmingham, Alabama.
Willetta Jackson
Birmingham, Alabama

The Truth and His believers will stand when the world and its followers are on FIRE!  Choose life eternal...choose JESUS!  Jesus was sent not to condemn, but out of love to save!  Thank you God for sending Your Son so that He could light a path for me and others to follow unto your Kingdom!  Thank you Father for the forgiveness of sins!  Thank you Father for the privilege of prayer!  Thank you Heavenly Father for all who spread the word about the ONE and ONLY TRUE SON OF GOD, OUR PRECIOUS SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!  Bless and keep them, in the name of your Son and our Savior - Jesus I pray. Amen.
Jim Miller 
Hendersonville, NC

This is a wonderful site. Very thorough.  There is enough information here for any open minded person to accept Christ as his/her savior no matter what else they previously believed.  Thank you.
Donald Copeland
Santa Barbara CA USA

You are a fundy loon.  Don't be a wanker all your life - have a day off.  If you feel the need to save me, messages of love may be sent to me at [email protected].

I think this is a very good site that uses the Bible for the answers and not just somebody's opinion.  Praise God.  Keep up the good work in sharing the gospel.
Jane Beard
Liverpool, England

It looks like you have a love-hate relationship with your audience.  The site has a nice look and a font that's easy on the eyes; that should be commended.  Unfortunately many of the creationist arguments are as old and dusty as the Proterozoic...though they are still valid.  Doesn't this debate all come down to a fundamentally different view on each side of what constitutes legitimate/truthful information?
New York

Thank you for your dedication to our Lord and sharing this site with anyone who will visit it and spend time reading and learning about Jesus Christ.  I feel sorry for those whose hearts are so hardened that they can't see the truth.  All people will be believers in the end.  There are only two options in the end...do you chose to go to Heaven or do you chose to go to Hell.  The people going to Hell will become believers in the end but it will be too late for them when they do.  The Gift of Salvation is a FREE Gift from God, we all have to make a choice whether to accept it or not!
Sharron Wilson

I never knew this site was here until I happened to come across it.  After reading some of the things in here,
I have done a lot of thinking and I am going to start living my life more in Christ.  This is the best site that I have
ever seen.  
James Cornell
Richmond, Indiana

Very nice to see this site, giving hope to people, sharing the Gospel with them.  I typed in "save me Jesus" and your site was there.  I am a Christian.  You are an encouragement to me and others, as the comments show.  What is so nice is the site is Ephesians 4:15 "speaking the truth in love."  God Bless.
Gary Kuehl

This site really opened my eyes even more.
Roni Rosalez
San Juan, Texas

I would like to see more on the fight to regain our country back from those who refused to believe and constantly try to bring us down with them.  "We need America back."
Winnfield, LA

I enjoy reading the well-organized arguments.  I have come across a site called evolutionhappens.net and I found some of the things mentioned there interesting. 
Mount Vernon, NY

Great work of research.  Very useful information for many who doubted God as the One True God. 
God Bless You.
I found this site to be wonderful.  I have just begun on my road to Christ, and I still had a lot of questions floating around in my head.  This site had helped with a lot of them.  Please continue to add to your info as I will continue to read.  Thank You.
Cleveland, Ohio

I found this site by typing in JESUS on Google - I did it because not only am I a Christian but I actually sell advertising space for the website.  I was surprised to see that you are the only client of ours that bought the keyword 'Jesus' - I applaud you!  What a great way to get into people's hearts.  Google is used by millions of people daily and I thank God that you have chosen to spend your money on a worth while site such as this.  May the Lord bless you in all that you do.  I look forward to reading more throughout this site.  
Lindsay Van Houten
New York

John Joki
Pine City, Minnesota

We found your site to be truthful and an excellent tool to use for witnessing to relatives and friends.  We agree with the wording you have depicted in your site.  Particularly, the section concerning 'Dying for a Lie'.  I will be using this 'point of view' when witnessing to unbelievers.  We have 'book marked' your site and we will review it on a continuous basis.  Thank you and God Bless...
Steve & Corrine Lorne
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The site's author seems intelligent, yet somehow ignores his own capacities.  Try to accept the fact that there is no Santa Claus and that when we die, we will cease to exist.  I mean you don't think that good bugs go to Heaven do you?  It's OK though...make the most of today and be a positive influence on the world while you can. Unfortunately this website doesn't count except for deluding more of the clueless. 
E.J. Yattie

Kelleena Lochhead
Ontario, Canada

Carla Palmer
South Carolina

I love this web site.  Someone's soul will be saved from this site and yes I am a believer in the LORD.  I am saved by grace, mercy, and LOVE.  He died for a loser like me.  I am THANKFUL,  by all means giving GOD thanks for is son JESUS.  God Bless You All who made this possible because with God and with JESUS we can do all things through him who strengthens us.

After reading some of the responses from the "lost souls" I really want to commend you on the "Notes to Mockers" area. I urge all to pray for these poor souls.  "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick."  - Matthew 9:1.  "Enter through the narrow gate.  For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction and many enter through it.  But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life and only a few find it." -  Matthew 7:13-14.
Bill Harmon
Houston, TX

This web site is frightening.  It scares me that so many people accept so many, if not all, of these ideas.


The Internet is full of those who want to speak but not listen. You understand of science is very poor and you claim that in some way the non existence of a god is somehow against nature is very wrong. You attempt to demonize you mythical enemy - namely those who do not accept your god - is noted. We are all atheists in that we don't believe in many gods that others do - just some of us go one god further. Peace and love.
Stew Dean

What a comfort to know that there are sites out there like this one. In a time of such sorrow and hatred in our world it is so easy to turn to God for guidance and comfort. We just need to open our hearts and let him in. God Bless Us All.
Ronnie Saturday
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Thank You for your time and research. I try daily to diligently seek our Savior Jesus Christ. The days are getting evil by the second, letting me know that He is coming. I pray that my 6 month old son, as he grow older, receives the Spirit and chooses to accept the Lord as his personal Lord and Savior. Thank you very much. [email protected].
Timeka Woods
Cleveland, Ohio


God bless you & praise the Lord for your good works. I shall refer this site to many.  Let there be more "good news" on the net.
Sri Lanka

You did good. Of course, the site is credible only if God's Word is credible.  And it is.  Good for you, and all who follow this site.  Only a cherished few will be in that kingdom.  I hope you are one of them.  So do I. 

New Judas
North Cakalaki

I think you make all sorts of claims with zero evidence. You are a fundamentalist Christian whose complete belief system is based on faith -- that is, belief without reason.  If you were honest, you would tell us that you have no physical evidence for any of this stuff.  But I do not expect that.
Earle Jones
Northern California

This site is great, and I have found it very beneficial in researching the Word for evidences concerning the Messiah!  Yeshua Hamashiach!  Jesus IS the Messiah!  Shalom, and peace be to your house!
Zetra Patrick Herndon
North Augusta, South Carolina

The site is great and thank you for passing the truth along! Amen! God's Blessings!
Baltimore, Maryland

Hey, I really like this site!  Good job!  :)  I believe it!

I am so glad to have found this website!
South Carolina

Very informative to those looking for answers.  Jesus is the truth.  [email protected].
Jodi Miller
Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

Thank you for helping to open my eyes to see and my ears to listen.  You have been a great help.
Paul Christopher Smith
Ashford, London, Middx

Great site!  Hopefully, it will help others just as it helped me!  GOD BLESS!
Southern California

He is love.

I really enjoyed reading your work.

It's a riot.  One of the funniest things I've ever read.
AJ Williams
Pleasant Hill, California

I just want to say thank you to whoever wrote this. Your section on atheism, gives me many strong points to help my non-believing friends. Thanks again, if you have any other useful information, don't hesitate to send it my way at... "[email protected]" Take care and God Bless. For everyone reading this Jesus loves you and so do! 
Dodi Dieckman
Seattle, Washington


This site is great...I will definitely be recommending it to some of my unsaved friends. You  can e-mail me at [email protected].
Karina Walls
McDonough, Georgia

Off the Charts. Awesome!  If at all possible, would you share more of your knowledge with me. I don't even want to look any further, I have found a site that my spirit is at peace with.  Thank you in advance for any material you may be able to direct me to.  Be well and be blessed. [email protected][email protected].
Gilbert Hernandez Jr.
Virginia Beach, VA (native New Yorker)

Outstanding site!  God Bless You!
Steven Miles

It is a joy to read truth and for you to spread the truth about Christ and salvation.  Thank you.

Where do I leave my e-mail?  I was going to make some suggestion and tell you that some of the things you are doing are "wrong."  But instead I'll be humble and not judge and tell you that what you are doing is great and your font is really cool.  You will by no means lose your reward and I am sure that you helped many people through God.  Good job.  [email protected].

This is something that came to me as I was thinking about my heavenly Father (JESUS) and my brothers and sisters of this world.  READ CAREFULLY THEME:  SIGHT TO BLIND EYES BEYOND PHYSICAL ABILITY  (1) What are the eyes beyond the physical eyes?  (2) What can't the physical eyes see?  (3) Why can't we as people understand each other?  (4) Why do we live our life by stero-types,of other cultures?  (5) Why do we look down on or judge others?  Now just read few of my thoughts that my Father have given my to share with you and spread this to all of my brothers and sisters of the human race.  My brothers and sisters - I'm writing this because I LOVE YOU!  Question, do you believe that there is wind?  Can you see it?  How do you no it exists?  As humans,  we seem not to believe in things if they don't have a scientific explanation.  That's why we have to use our eyes beyond the eyes.  SIGHT TO BLIND EYES.  Because a person is a different color or from a different culture or ethic group or has a different background or taught to speak the language of there culture or native land, country, city or town or even have a belief that differs from yours, does that make them less human than you?  Do they not bleed like you bleed!  Do they not hurt like you hurt!  Do they not grieve like you grieve!  Do they not dream like you dream!  Do they not die like you die!  So do unto others as you want done unto you or your GOD.  This is just an eye opener for the eyes beyond physical sight.  I LOVE YOU AND MAY GOD SMILE UPON YOU BY HERBERT OWENS, JR.  PEACE / LOVE / BLESSINGS.  

I am starting a Bible study for the girls at my youth group.  They are strongly questioning the differences between their faith and ours.  This site has proved very helpful and I am glad I came upon it! I thank you very much for creating such an insightful site.

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.  

I haven't looked at everything - just the important parts and they are all there!
Kevin Hyde
Norfolk, Virginia

It's interesting that everything you believe is based on an "if" and while many Christians blindly believe the Bible to be the word of the Christian god, they never take into consideration that it might just all be a big lie. [email protected]
Marco de Reyn

Dallas & Natasha Shields
Corbin, Kentucky

This is wonderful!  Our Email is [email protected]
Brian McCoy
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Miguel Quintero
Brownsville, Texas

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! This is a great site for reaching the lost. May the Lord bless all your endeavors for Him. All Praise, Honor, and Glory be unto the Lord Jesus Christ, Forever and ever! Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!  http://www.geocities.com/messenger4messiah.index.html
Michael A. Martin
North Carolina, USA

I am very proud to say that Jesus is and always has been close to me, I believe in him and his father.  I am of a young age and have been through very hard times.  When I noticed that everything was bad for so long, I prayed more and I gave more.  I came to see what he has given to me and realize you can never give enough.  Some people say that people die for you when they die for our country.  The Alpha the Omega, the son of man alone died for everyone, whether you are from here or there. Sometimes I sit outside and I write a lot and the breeze blows and the Lord and his Son will cross my mind and I can feel him all around.  How can anyone not feel the love, the pure love this man has for you. I am only 24, I come across a lot of people that despise or just plain do not believe.  I wish they would for what good is life without it?
New York

I just want to say that this site is great. My faith hasn't always been as strong as it is now.  I just recently (about a year ago) discovered how important we need to keep Christ in our lives. I am still a growing Christian but proud of it and proud that I know I'm following the path to the Truth.  I know that the reward for my goal will never expire or go away because God will be waiting to save me. Thank you for making a great site!  God Bless.

This is by far the best web sight concerning God and his powerful love. I too have just recently accepted Christ as my Savor and Lord. My life has changed so dramatically since I opened the door and invited Christ in. I often wonder how I made it this long in life so lost and confused. Every day I learn more about myself and the way I was meant to live in this harsh world. I wish more people would just wake up and give God a chance. They too would see. El Shaddai.
Shelby, Ohio

San Jose, California

I am a Christian.  I am not perfect.  I struggle with this daily. I know I will never be perfect. I recently lost my 6 wk old daughter Samantha Marie on May 2, 2002.  This has made me struggle with why God did this.  Samantha was born with many defects.  No one knows why but God.  Well I continue to love Jesus and try to look to God for the answers.  I will be sharing this web site. Thank you for this site. [email protected].
Pamela Langley
Texas City, Texas

Thank you to this site and those that continue to support this power of God's Love.
[email protected]

I'm here to tell you that many things have come to pass in my life.  Alcohol, drugs, wise guy friends and many other things I need not to mention.  There is a power much greater then all of us ...that power is God, that power is the Christ, there is no Greater Love than this...there is no greater love then to lay down your life for another and this is just what the Master did for all of us ...even if you are a non believer, think about it...keep it simple "how does a flower grow...?" why does your heart beat without you doing anything to make beat...?"  There is a loving Spirit that is within us, this is that feeling that we have when we feel as one with each other...love...just love and keep loving.
Michael Reardon
New Jersey

God bless you all. We need witnesses in these last days....See you there!
Ms. Joyce Dickens
Sumrall, Mississippi

Hello: I am a new Christian studying to show myself approved and I found your website. This site has been most useful to me. Thank you for all of your hard work putting this together.  Please add more. God Bless You. 
J A ko
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This site has helped me today.  I have been struggling with my faith for the past couple of weeks.  I have been saved for a year now, and I have lately been questioning my faith in the sense that I don't know what is real and what isn't anymore.  But this gave me a boost today.  Thank you.  =)

I will be sharing this site with many friends.  It's hard to find sites that are so committed to the Truth.  I find so much deception in many who profess Christianity.  Not here.  Congratulations. 
Ruth Kyle
Vandalia, Ohio