You convinced me to believe in Christ.  I am a Messianic Jew who formerly argued with may Christians/Messianic Jews who believed in Christ.  Now I have found salvation.  God bless you because now I have a place in heaven.
Max Cohen

Love your website…full of good things to read.  Hope to visit again soon.
Terry Ihnatyszyn-Hawtin
Banbury, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Thank you for your website.
John Arnold
Lincoln, Nebraska

Baz Naldini

I don’t believe there is any evidence Jesus ever existed.
Wagga Wagga, Australia

Great website, keep up the good work!

Jesus is Lord, may God bless you all.
Peter David Elford

Peter B.

I am married to a Jewish non-believer and find your site interesting.  I am searching and praying for my husband to come to faith in Yeshua.  Any prayer for him would be appreciated.  Thank You!
Melissa Goldberg
Highland, New York

I'm endlessly frustrated by the behavior of these people that are inevitably termed my compatriots, due to the fact that we share a lack of religious belief.  It would appear that we share little else including and especially a sense of scientific curiosity and open-mindedness. I would like to attempt to provide something more lucid than the mindless mockings left by most of these hypocritical (in that they accuse you of being close-minded and overly prescriptive with your beliefs, when they are doing precisely the same thing) non-christian guestbook signings.  There are some wonderfully lucid Christian arguments out there.  This site isn't bad. The arguments here aren't too terrible.  So please.  Let's stop this insanity.  If we really care about where life comes from, shouldn't we be open to scientific and/or theological inquiry from all sides of the argument? Let's give each other a chance.

Wow.  And to think I was only looking for a site I could use on a paper I was writing. Amazing.  You've opened yourself up the Word of the Lord and I thank you for that.  As if the words on this site weren't encouraging enough, reading the comments others have left is quite exciting and humbling.  God be with you! Blessings and honor, glory and power, be unto the Ancient of Days!
J.G. Duke
Illinois and Kentucky

I will email these pages to many.  I am a soul winner and a church sent missionary to the South East Asia for the last 10 years.  I thank you for this site and rest assured that you and your ministry are on my prayer list from now on.  I have not read all things on your website but I will do so.  I've seen enough to be impressed.
John J. Erakare
Finland, presently in Australia

It's hard for me to accept Christ and the whole business about sinning.  I am essentially Unitarian.  Thank you for this website.

I have seen many miracles.
Ken Desjarlais
Regina Saskatchewan Canada

Well done.  Truth is paramount.  I call you Brother for we walk after that same Spirit and are of the same Mind.  I shall commend you to others I may come across who know the Way of Truth is through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Conan Clark
Brisbane, Australia

Awesome site!  Keep the light shining in the darkness!
Pastor Steve Crombie

What a great web site!  You present the truth with all the supporting Scripture.  I will be returning to this site often.  I hope to be able to memorize some of the Scripture passages and use them as I witness to others.  Thank you!
Central Ohio

What you have written is right on according to the Holy Scriptures and I pray that many people who find your website will take what you say, study the Scriptures you've given and read more of God's Word and sincerely say the prayer of repentance and salvation that you give!   I presently attend an Independent Baptist church with my husband and am a born-again believer in Jesus Christ!
Deborah Tremblay
Ontario, Canada

I absolutely LOVE your site!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I will share this address with others. As a Christian, I speak of the truth to everyone I come in contact with.  Your site was a breath of fresh air in my struggle today.  Thank you kindly :)
Linda Haygood
Yelm, Washington

A very well presented piece of work.  Jolly good show.  This is the sort of stuff that brought me out of atheism.  I pray that the Lord touches people so that they will consider the logic and actually think -  rather than take the emotional and religious decision to embrace atheism.  I shall refer those seeking to your site.
John Gibbs
Waterfall, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa

James Matthew Bossen
Lakewood, Colorado

I think this web site is totally awesome.  I would recommend it to everyone.

I am waiting impatiently for Christ's return.  I am sure it will be soon.
George Musil
St. Augustine, Florida

I am associate pastor at Wendover Christian Fellowship Church in Wendover, Utah.
Roddy L. Horton
Salt Lake City, Utah

E. Moore
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I just found this site and haven't read everything you have on it, but do agree with most of what I’ve read.  I think it is a lovely site and there has been a lot of time and hard work put into it.  Keep up the good work and God Bless.
Gloria Lamphere

Great site!  Concise and relevant.  Thanks. I especially liked the explanation of the weeks of years in Daniel Chapter 9.  I have wondered about the interpretation of that passage.
Keep up the good work!
Steve Myers

I really benefited from the articles pertaining to the end times.

Really neat web site! 
Jim and Linda Searcy
Pearland, Texas

I believe we are now in the "end-times" and we should all be ready for Jesus and his Rapture.  We see the prophecies being fulfilled.  We as believers and followers of Jesus must warn the unbelievers and save as many as we can since that’s our primary Christian duty.
Sri Lanka

You still can't make me a believer.

God is real and coming soon!

Thanks and God bless you.  One of the rare breeds that sticks to the Bible. 
Cliff Lim
New Zealand

Mary Maxon

From a design perspective, I'd suggest a different color scheme and font choice (looks scary) but I give you a major high five on your compilation.  Great work!
Anaheim, California

Great site!  I have linked it to my webpage so others may find it.  God Bless You!

I will die for him.
Mary Lou Lopez
Selma, California

This site is awesome!  Keep up the good web bro!

I think this website is just what we needed.  There are so many lost souls in this world so this site is perfect for people who don't know Christ and who want a relationship with Him.  Please keep on doing God's will. Good job!  This website is FREAKIN' AWESOME!
Andrea R.
Virginia Beach

I think this site is really awesome.  I am so glad young people are getting to know the Lord every day.  I have been a born again Christian since November 2004.  I'm really thankful that I have a God who loves me so much that He gave his only Son to suffer and died for what I have done.  Don't be afraid to ask him for forgiveness for the sins you've done.  God is a merciful God and He thinks of you as His Child. So don't be afraid to seek Him.  God Bless!  Jesus rocks my soul! 
D. Rosalez
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Totally excellent website, Glory to God!
Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Enjoying the site!
Roxanne Smith Parks
Port Neches, Texas

I hope you have a wonderfully nice day!
Peter Asiedu
Ghana, West Africa

I have used your materials to hand out to inmates that I've been blessed to minister the Gospel to in the county jails here on the southside of Denver, Colorado. They are in desperate need of good full Gospel type materials like you have on the Internet. Be blessed for you are a blessing!
Don Freize
Parker, Colorado

Excellent web site and information on leading people to Jesus!
Rob Vose
Torrance, California

Great stuff.

Darneitta Jones

I feel very sorry for all you Theists, wasting your lives on fantasies!
San Diego

I love this site.  I am already a Christian but I still need guidance sometimes.  I am trying to do what you are doing, helping people learn about God.  Some people just don't understand so I go to sites that help me with that.  I hope you keep up this great work!  I will keep you in my prayers.

I'm not religious either.  I just have a wonderful personal relationship with Jesus and my Father.  Someone needs to ask God about evolution.  The only thing that started with a Big Bang was Guy Faulks when he tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament!
Verwood, England

Everything I have read is completely true.  Things are already happening as I sit here typing.  If only I knew when the Lord was coming, I would try to make amends to all that I have hurt in the past and future and I would ask for their forgiveness as well.
Rosa Spraggins
El Paso, Texas 

I think that what you did here was fantastic work. You are a true wise Christian.

Thank you!  Jesus is my Savior and I love Him!  I am so happy to be saved.  God bless the creator of this site!  See you in heaven!
Susan O.

Ronald Currell
Sweetwater, Texas

Great site.  Thanks…you’ve helped me with a lot of stuff! 

I really admire the work you put into making this site.  Keep it up, I'm sure some people listen and learn about Him.
Josef Tyler
Cornwall England

Brian Beckham

This is truly an amazing site!  God bless you! 

San Jose, California

Well, I'll give you one are intelligent. Also, a very nicely laid out website.  But I think Christianity and pretty much religion in general is a main factor in why the world is corrupt.
The best place in the world

Every religion, including long dead ones, thought they were as correct as you do.
Edward Ehlert
Green Bay, Wisconsin

I love your website…it is the best.  It gives you all the information you need on anything you need to know about everything in the Bible.  I am also going out for my minister license and your website gives me all the information that I need to teach other unbelievers who are lost.  I also teach Bible class at my house once a week and this has helped me out a lot.  Keep on serving the Lord and keep the faith because you are helping many people.  You will be blessed for it and God is very proud of you so stay encouraged.  May the Lord watch you and keep you as the apple of his eye.  God bless
Teyshana Wiley
Benton Harbor Michigan

You have a wonderful interpretation.  Thank you for this site!
Marlon Botha
Western Australia

Very clear and simple site.  Perfect.  God is using this site to clearly share the Good News of what Jesus has done for all of us. God bless you Webmaster!

This is a great site.  I found it when doing research for my own project.  May God bless you and your Ministry.
Josef Roubal

Excellent site. I sincerely hope your message reaches a lot of people.  I don't know if I will see you in heaven. I may not make it, but I’m happy knowing you will.

Thank you for this wonderful website.  It is not only 100% accurate but also extremely reader friendly and well researched.  May God bless and keep you the times ahead.
Piet de Wit
Cape Town in South Africa

Whoever wrote this was inspired to do this website.  Continue to flourish and grow in the Lord.  I can clearly see that the Lord is using you mightily.  May God continue to order your steps and use you to further the Kingdom of God.  Be blessed, be of good courage, and stay encouraged.
Althea Dyce
Mississauga, Ontario

I think what you are doing is a wonderful thing.  Keep it up.  I just wish that everybody could see the Light.
Kyle Hovland

This is a wonderful site.  I will share it with many.  Thank you.
Thomas Riippi
Puyallup, Washington

I really like this site!  It's real and out there.  It tells you straight up what the truth is and doesn't twist it.  I encourage everyone to read as much as you can on this site!  It will really make you think. Plus, if you have a question, this site has answers!  It's great!
Amber Lynn Meek
Cashion, Oklahoma

Great website.  I hope it reaches out to people.
Brett Ford
Stillwater, Oklahoma

I love your site!  Jesus Reigns!
Illinois USA

Oh my word.  I found this site the first time about 3 years ago. I stopped getting on it but I emailed the guy who created it and he was awesome.  There's no way he remembers me, but I remember this. Wow…this site is incredible! 
Spartanburg, South Carolina

Jesus, I love you so much. 
Naomi Lake
Albany, Washington

A great website.
Nat Tuivavalagi
Islands of the South Seas – Fiji / Samoa

If anyone can read all the information on this website and still doubt and not believe, then they're spiritually blinded and need God's help to open their eyes.  Great site!  It helped me a lot for a school paper I did.

I think this is a good site.  Keep up the good work in Christ Jesus.  My God bless you!

I have not finished perusing your work on the website but I certainly will in the next few days.  I have seen enough to know that I am blessed by what you have done.  It is exciting to watch the work of the many vessels God is using to spread the Good News at this time in history.  It is a particularly special joy to witness the spiritual maturity of someone in whom one has been able to observe during the entire process.  God bless you and may He continue to be the thrust in your life. 
Coach Smith
Greenwood Forest

What a blessing it is to see you reach out to unbelievers.  Just to witness the spiritual growth you have experienced in your life in such a short time is truly a blessing to Jim and me.  I am forwarding this to Jim.  He will be blessed as am I.  God has blessed others through you.
Karen Smith
Houston, Texas

What a mighty work in the Lord this is!  What a blessing it is to know the fine person the Lord is building in you!  What a servant heart you have!  I love you.  I love this work that is Spirit led!  Finally, I know that you realize how very much I love our Lord.  It's on my favorites.  I will dwell in it...piece by enjoy the fullness of what He has presented through you.  Thanks for this blessing!
Georgan Reitmeier

Awesome site, praise God!
San Francisco


Excellent. A logical presentation of facts that will appeal to intelligent, rational thinkers.  However, it still comes down to faith.  And it always will ...until the end.
Louisville, Kentucky

Nice site.  Well presented and researched.

May GOD always have HIS signature on this site.  GOD bless!
George Barkley
Northern Ireland

South Africa

Greetings in the name of our Lord, Saviour, and GOD...Jesus Christ.  There should be more sites like this that confirms the evidence for the truth of the Messiah.
Brett C. Cannon
Banner Elk, North Carolina, USA

Fantastic site!  I must commend your amazing research and obvious knowledge of the Scripture.  Thank you for the site.  It is wonderful.

This is a really great site.  I was just recently trying to bring a lost friend to Christ and needed some help because I am still just a baby in the knowledge of God.  Your website helped me out a lot.  Thanks!
Ashley Nicole Block
Frenchtown, Montana

Wow!  This website is really different, nice and intelligent.  I intend to visit it frequently in the future.  I certainly am no zealot Christian, but I'm not an Athiest or a Devil Worshiper or a Scientologist.  I'd like to think, ideally, that Jesus is someone I could talk to when I've given up on this disgusting, pathetic world of ours.  I believe He'd listen to me and understand, for real. Where humans have always fallen short through weakness and arrogance, He would (and always will) come through. Somehow I just believe this is true, and I believe that he is exactly who he claimed to be...The Anointed One.
Tom Peck
Glendale, California

"End Times" does not mean the end of the world.  When we sit for the finals, we pass or fail but we do not die or perish, NONE OF US!  We all will live forever.
Calgary - Canada

This is excellent!
Mike the Zealot
Central Oregon

Praise GOD for your efforts.  A site that gives truth in faith.  May the seed you are sowing reach rich soils and may the spirit water it with the grace and glory of our LORD… in JESUS name.

This is a great website.  God Bless you!

I love that the site is still up and running.   What a blessing!  I recommend this site to all my buddies here.

Two points:  There are two sides to every story.  The winner writes the history.

Thank you for this information.
Spokane, WA

This site is very thought-provoking.  I have read the guestbook comments and it is exciting to know just how many people have been impacted by this wonderful site and I will meet in Heaven!  It makes one wonder, though, why so many athiests feel the need to insult Christians even with such clear logic as this site presents supporting scientific evidence for the Bible's authenticity.  That is what they are always asking for so why is it that when they find it, they refuse to accept it?  God bless whoever created this site and may He open the eyes of unbelievers through it.

I wish we still fed you to lions.  Get a brain, get a clue and get a life.  You are the only thing responsible for everything you do, know and are.  I really hate you people.  
Russel Schwartz