Thank you - words cannot express what I feel.
Linda Clark
Port Elizabeth South Africa

Very good, clear and informative website on Christianity.  Hopefully it will be read/viewed by every Christian and open minded person whose souls needs saving and redemption to Heaven, for the end is nearing.  Please go read "Heaven Is So Real" by Choo Nam Thomas.  Thank you and God bless us all
Petrus M Jikiun
Labuan FT, Malaysia

Thank you for this awesome and inspiring web site!  Who is this and where are you from?  Blessings IN CHRIST!


This is my second post and I like this site.  I divert people here to give them some direction when I can’t.  Awesome, God bless!
Halifax, UK


This website is incredible.  All important information related to Jesus is available.  I really thank God for this website.
Ivan Samuel Heydemans

I love Jesus as my Savior.
Clifford Weapenicappo
Eastmain Quebec Jamesbay

It is simply best website I have ever come across.  It gave me more on Jesus and what is in Bible.  I pray to God whoever had this idea be blessed and give more persistence and let more people know about this site. Thank you!
S.Raj Bajracharya

I wish also to be a part of this great ministry of sharing God’s love.  It’s a blessing to learn of this great site and the joy to read the comments of others.
Obed Siwauri
Solomon Islands

Jesus said he will ask Father and arrange a counselor who will stay with me and teach me the truth.  I am waiting for my teacher.

Thank you for your website.  I am already a Bible believing Christian for the past thirty  years. The Jehovah-God is my Rock.  I was looking for a messianic church/congregation in my area and saw this Anointed-One link and I had to check it out.  I never get tired of the things of the Christ.  Thanks again.  In Jesus, The Christ.
Carol K. Stewart
Owings Mills, MD, USA

Great site!  I haven't read it all, but so far it is a site I can turn inquirers to where I work.
Mark Nieweg
Malvern, Pennsylvania

I have a Christian backround.  I want to know more details and know how I can help others follow Jesus in my country.

Very fulfilling.
Laty Wever

I am looking for people who can partner with us. We are a church grouping of seven congregations and are willing to partner with any interested groups, churches and organizations throughout the world. We would like to invite such people to come to us so that we can have crusades together in Malawi.  Thank you.
Davie E. Samikwa
Malawi, Africa

Nice website, looks good.  I am an atheist and have to say that lacking an answer for where the universe came from is not a compelling argument for supernatural intervention.  I am content with the apparent fact that we are, without knowing the details of how we got here.  I must also point out that supernature does not play a role in my life now.  I'll stick with my atheism.
Amarillo, TX

It is very useful to me for my spiritual life and enhance my knowledge of the word of God and clarify so many topics I don’t understand.  I am waiting for answers from God and God gave me answers through this website.  Thank you once again for providing such wonderful word of God.  May God bless you and the readers (visitors who follow the word of God) of this website. PRAISE THE LORD.
Visakhapatnam, INDIA

I like the design of the pages.  The text is easy to read against the black background.  The topics are well-organized.  One topic leads logically to the next and finally to the most important message.  The arguments are well-written, well-documented and very convincing. The writer sounds very well informed.
Homer Noel P. Bautista
Cervantes, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

San Francisco

Great to have been able to find your website on a webpage of an Israeli newspaper!  Bless you mightily and let's all pray for Israel.
Christienne Werps
Melbourne - Australia

No thank you very much for fundamentalism of this kind.  There is too much of it in the world already - of all religions.  God bless you!

"Just the facts ma'am" -  I can see you have put a lot of effort into conveying some eternal truths.  I look forward to reading it all!  For education and for confirmation by the Spirit within.
Vancouver, BC. Canada

Very well done site.  You have revealed much truth for the world to see.  Thank you for the time and energy you have spent for the benefit of us all!
Mike Shields
Bantford, Ontario, Canada

I enjoy your web site.  Thank you!
Muskegon, Michigan

For non believers - eventually you will know that he who came from heaven to show us how we should live our lives and do not at least keep his commandments in mind and try to live by them as much as possiable will regret the fact they did not even try.  Jesus knows every thing we do.  God bless you all.
Puerto Rico

I enjoyed reading your website.  I have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour.
David Bartlett
Richmond, Virginia

Lucia Flammia

Your site is full of hope and truth about the Lord and His love Israel.  Your site brings hope to the readers.
Saudi Arabia

Wow, This is a real interesting web site.

Great Website, keep up the good work!
Phillip O'Donnell

What advice can I give to someone who is probably "new age"?  She doesn't deny that Jesus exists but believes that there is other ways.  This was the most difficult conversation I had ever had.
South Africa

I really like your site.  It would be great to see something on here about the Kingdom of God, since Jesus speaks about it so much and sends his disciples out to preach about it.  Love the flash intro with the song.  Any way I can get a copy of it?  Bless you guys!
Greg Blok
Auckland New Zealand

This site is very good.  I need all of this info.

This is an awesome site.  We must try not to sin, but if we do God will forgive us.  Sinning destroys our relationship with God and other people. Great work!

Great website. Great for old folks to read...easy on the eyes. : )
Tom Wynn
North Florida

Excellent presention of God's word.  I discovered it a few years ago.  Glad to see it is still on the NET.  I refer people to it often.  Do you accept offerings?  God Bless!
Louisville, KY

I want my beloved Jesus Christ always to stay in my life and I don’t wan to lose him. Jesus I love you, I miss you in my life.  I want to be a good girl for you.  Teach me how I can be a nice girl for you and can love all the people in my life.

I pray that your website will stand on Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life.  We have to "buy" salvation by loving Jesus with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our mind and with all our strength just as Jesus died to redeem us.  Nothing is FREE.

I am a  disabled art student. I am a Seventh day Adventist and believe in creation in seven 24 hour day, by an intelligent tri-union God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Saturday, being the Sabbath, the 7th day, created by God for man to rest.  We are created to the image of God, that is why we can create.  I get a lot of mockery, but will get my degree, through the grace of God!  I use your website. I'm looking for more visual material to use in my paintings on computer manipulated artworks.  Thanks!  Keep up the good work!  Jesus is coming soon.  The earth is tired of sin and abuse! All signs on earth predict His soon coming!
Connolene Dwyer-Wiggett
Pretoria, South-Africa

Just always remember: with GOD as your pilot and JESUS as your co-pilot and THE HOLY SPIRIT as your navigator, you will never be lost.
Ridgely, TN

I believe the Bible has been changed by humans and it didn’t come from God.

Jesus is Lord.
William Stuart

This really is an awesome site, thanks for creating it.  I actually found it a few years ago when searching the internet for proof against evolution.  I printed out the pages about that and soon forgot about the site.  Just recently found them sitting amongst some other papers of mine and it reminded me, so I did a quick search and revisited.  It was quite timely, because until then my faith had started slowly going downhill, but once I revisited the site and read some of the pages it has improved out of sight. really has been a huge blessing to me and I'd like to thank the creator and The Creator for it.

I will like to know who is Jesus Christ.
Vanessa Adams

Good work.  God bless you.  Keep it up Brother.

A clear understanding of Jesus and his teaching. More please!

Great site, straight forward and true!  I'll definitely refer friends and colleagues.  This site is a great help with witnessing, referencing and also a great evangelism tool. God bless, in Jesus name. 
Pretoria South Africa

A friend is constantly telling me that Jesus is not God.  It’s also his belief that the Trinity is a man made "pagan" belief.
Randy Stewart
Salem, Oregon

Sites like this are warped and dangerous.  There will always be gaps in sciences knowledge because there are always things to learn.  Don't assume that you know it all through the arrogant justification of God.
The Disjointed-One

Great site!

What a groovy web page!
W Verster

In reading up on the Jewish Passover, I was in the Jews for Judiasm website where I found a "link" to your site.  Of course I find it divinely noted that your link appeared exactly where it should be.  On top!  Paise God for your blessing to bring an understanding about the true Messiah, Jesus.  Thank you!  God Bless!  
Los Angeles, CA

Farooq Shaikh

Thank you for providing me with the answers to many of the questions my friends and family are asking.  My wife thinks I have a chemical imbalance because I have found the Lord.  I have sent this web site to many unbelievers so that they too might find the peace that I now know. Thank you.
Roger Charland
Troy, NY

I have nothing to offer monetarily, but my desire and need to ensure my children’s salvation. 
Kevin Thomas Kane
Springfield, Missouri

I want to know more about heaven and its purpose.
Judy Thompson

This is AWESOME!  I was looking for a tool and you have it!  Beautifully and simply written for complete understanding.  THANK YOU!
Tulsa, OK


Very nice web site.

I've really enjoyed your site.  As a late arrival in God's acknowledged family, nearly fifty at salvation, it seems I have a fondness for apology. It also provides some excellent verses for evangelism.   Goodness Rules!
Karl Steinichen
Marietta, GA

Jesus is one God.
Valerie Salazar
Fresno, CA

My brother is an atheist.  I’ve just recommended this site to him.  Thank you and GOD bless.

Shalom! I'm glad you have faith and want to share it with others, but please respect other faiths.  Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity.  For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.  Trust in the LORD, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.  Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Your site is true and excellent.  Perhaps you could emphasize the ability of Jesus to forgive all no matter what there sins have been.  Also perhaps you could update the prophecy pages with news as it happens. Richard Carroll
Hornchurch Essex

Steve Clark
North Carolina

Thank you for this website.  It has helped strengthen my faith in God and has also been a tool to show others how real God is and what salvation is all about.  Thank you so much for your time and effort into creating this site so that others can know the truth. God Bless!
Colette Bennett
Santa Fe, New Mexico

I love your site.  Thanks and keep up the good work!
Doug S.
Portland, Oregon

Nunca te canses de hacer el bien.
Arturo Yerovi

I am Hindu.  I have a family.  I need to know Jesus in my life and who he is so kindly help me if you can.  I am ready to accept Jesus in my life.  I WANT TO KNOW HIM IN MY SMALL LIFE! 

I found this site while checking up on Islam.  It has rekindled my faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord of all. Bless you all.
Fred M W Beckers
New Zealand

I truly believe that the lord Jesus Christ died for us and through him we have received our salvation from the heavenly Father.  There is no one greater than him as he died so that we could have an everlasting relationship with the Almighty.
Sunita Arumugam

True ways to reach eternal life are known.
Gnanaseelan S
Tamilnadu, India

Thank you God for the beautiful people who made this website...God is love and love is all as all are one!

It is a fantastic website.  I find it very helpful to pastors and students of theology.
Joseph Chaggama
Tanzania living in UK

Hi! One of your articles, "Aren't all religions the same?", was advertised on another Christian page and here I am.  Thanks for being such a blessing and drawing people to God through the Internet :) Say hello to a kindred spirit.  I just started blogging four months ago and it's all about God too. :)  Keep up the great work, always giving Him all the praise and glory.  Your site has a very striking look but what matters is the CONTENT of your message.  God be with us always! :)
Teci Pulido

Good site, great work.  God's anointing over you guys.  Peace.
Bradley Fortuin
Paarl, Cape Town South Africa

Sorry I couldn't get any sense of direction or salvation after reading from this website.  I believe in one God, and Creator, like you, but I just can't imagine how you can believe God took the form of a human being and experienced all the weaknesses and deficiencies of humans.  I'm sure He is above all that. 

Just like to say I love your site…very clean, simple, and powerful.  Also on a side note, I am he who comes in my own name to fulfill prophesy.  Welcome to the days of Revelation, Grace and Peace be with you!
Jeffrey Scott Walker
Zion (Washington)

This is a timely message for the dying world.  You have made this site with a passion for souls, great is your reward.  He that wins souls for the Lord is wise.  I will definitely recommend this to other people who had questioned the authority of God.

Thank you for creating this site.  I have really benefited from the topical explanations you provide on the varying aspects of the Christian faith.  Your site is a blessing for those in search of answers to important questions that people ponder when seeking to know our Lord.
David Gaugh
Bedford, Texas


I have just found this page and it is very interesting.
Ross Nesbit
Satartia, MS

M Hemingway
SE England

Dennis Western
United Kingdom

I left my Christian belief to follow a belief that promised benefits and enlightenment, but could never stop the feeling of confusion especially if a negative remark was made against our Savior.  I could never fully let him go.  I am slowly trying to come home.  I really felt that this website was extremely beneficial to questions that I continued to have.  Thank You.

Lord forgive me for whatever I have done to disappoint you.  Please forgive me and hopefully I will be in heaven so I could finally meet you.  I have done so many bad things in my life and I just want to say I am so sorry please forgive me Lord.  Amen.
Shanice Sayers
Harold Hill


Muhammad Zubair

This site answers many question of mine about Christ and rebuilt my faith.  I can reference this site to my friends so thanks for giving many people guidance who have doubt in their heart. I love you.
Joice Hutabarat
Tarutung- Indonesia

Today I just came across this site accidentally.  Praise God that I have come to this site.  Thanks and God Bless You All!

Thank you Lord Jesus!  I think this site is great and good for everyone.
Dirk Frederick
Jakarta, Indonesia

I love your website.  I have been a Christian for 10 years.  You are doing a great job.  It is great that you have made your website available to the Jewish people.  I often think it is sad how the church has forgotten our Jewish brothers.  They forget that Jesus was Jewish

Well done, very informative and sound.  Thanks for putting in all that work and lots of hours.  You will reap some day what you sow.  Thank you.

Whom Ever You Are, I Truly Believe Jesus Christ Guides You In The Delivery Of Explaining The Scriptures.  I Am No Stranger To The Lord.  I Know Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt That God Does Exist.  I Thank God Through His Knowledge That He Opened Unto Me In My Plight, That In Return I Have Been Able To Help Many Others Realize The Greatness Of God.  Miracles Are Still Worked Today!  Thank You For This Web Site!  Keep Up The Work For The Lord!  You Are More Of A Blessing Than You Will Ever Know.  If You Have Any Intentions Of A New Web Site, Please Notify Me!   Again, Thanks and God Bless You!
Piedmont, MO

Joy comes to the man with spirituality.  Spirituality preaches to save the people who are in mental agony.  In this advanced age of the world spirituality should be learned with the tool of science.  Science without spirituality commits suicide.  Spirituality without science is incomplete.  If both are matched together transformation is easy.

Praise the Lord!  Very excellent work for the word of GOD in the world wide web.  It is very easy to go through and easy to understand.  I am sure it will gain some souls to Heaven.
Saji Devassy Karekatt

Why didn't I discover this site a long time ago?  Rock-solid arguments & defense for the Faith.  Very rational, yet powerful.  Thank you.
Rich Noble
Washington DC

I want to read books about the kingdom of God.
Endalkachew Legesse

I am a Christian and I am a scientist and I believe in evolution even though there are strong  arguments against it ever happening. 
Brian Elliott