I actually love the guest book. It's AMAZING to find other Christians all over the world and to just again realize that our Lord is not limited by place or time. I find myself praying for the people in this guest book more and more. May God truly reveal Himself to you more and more. GOD IS REAL!  Blessings to all.  I accidentally stumbled across your website as I was writing final exams and was looking up evolution theories for extra info. I was pleasantly surprised as this was the first website I found.  Thank you for this website, and may God use this to educate a lot of other people who accidentally stumble across this wonderful message of God!  May you be blessed.
Nadine Smith
South Africa, Johannesburg

What a shame that people still choose to believe that they descended from pond life!
Derby, England

Interesting and impressive web site.  Helpful for all Christians, and even unbelievers, I guess.  God bless for your fantastic work!
David Kosciewicz
Poland (Lower Silesia)

i am washed in the blood of jesus my lord and saviour who has come in the flesh...the King of kings and Lord of lords who rules all forever more and reigns over all forever more amen.
dennis j cook sr.
norwood ohio 45212

Thank you so much for this anointed one site.  Would you give me permission to use in my lecture notes?  It’s very good for conceptualization. I'm teaching economics in State University, teaching English and Christian Psychology in Christian seminary schools, and I have served the post national president in Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International Myanmar.  It was very clear to study and understandable. God bless you and all those who are involved in this serving.
Prof. Dr. Maung Maung Soe (an economist)
Myanmar, (Burma)

God bless...
dean rosero

I am very glad I am exposed to such a wonderful teaching on the Internet.  I would be again grateful should you continue to post me by Mail a Study Outline containing such doctrinal truths to share with my congregation.  Please I am a Superintendent Minister heading the Madina Circuit of the Methodist Church in the Accra Diocese of the Methodist Church Ghana. My full address is: Post Office Box 278, Madina, Accra, Ghana, West Afrioa.
Rev, James Kingsley Oowusu
Ebenezer Methodist Church, Madina, Accra, Ghana, West Africa.

Great site…so simple yet powerful.

I belong to Jesus.


Anointed website thank you, I will share it with others :)
Michael T. Gomez
Los Angeles California

I got more  knowledge.
Barnabas Tamang
Kalimpong dist.Darjelling W.B India

I am so impressed with the word of God, and your website has just maximized my spiritual growth.

Hometown Palm Springs, California

A friend at church told me about this site so I thought I would check it out.  May God bless you in your journey.  Take care :)
Elaine Wray
Watonga, Ok

I love your website.  I am not sure what I believe but this site makes one really think.  Thank You
Dallas Snyder

i am very happy for this message that you have brought to us.  may god bless you.
sir i went to work for god and through this message i am touched. i want you to give me some of your copies and even booklet.  may god bless you and your families and also may you live long amen.
nicholas ankomah.

A Great Site!  I want to pastor and help...my call is as a prophet.  I want to use it please calle me on 0243783989.
oko fianyi  whyte



yesus itu sapa.

Love your web page.
Sharon Jackson

read few topics…it’s very knowledgeable and has insight for understanding…good and great.
devaraj daniel

Sunil Gavade
Pune India

Thanks for this very helpful site. May God bless you.
Luis Torres

I bless God for this website, it helps people to know what the Anointed-One is, what he wants people to do...continue please, and May My Hero Jesus bless you all and help you continue.
Goma, DR, Congo

Jesus is Lord and all GLORY is due to him.  I thank him and praise him for everything he has done for me. HE IS REAL...GOD BLESS YOU.
Sherry Meyers
Trinidad And Tobago

For fifty years, I have been a born again Christian.  The Christian life is the very best Life to Live...serving God through Christ Jesus.  The Holy Spirit protects, leads and gives guidance and direction to my life which belongs to Him!  Thank you.  67
Dorothy Hawes
United States of America

Interesting, but mostly sad to see that so many people suffer the delusion that religion has any answers. Scientists know that no theories on the beginning of life are complete and relish the thought that someday by patient observation, experimentation and hypothesis, we might find out how life could have begun.

I don't believe your comments on the Big Bang and the creation of space-time are correct.
Jim Thompson

I found your site informative and well thought out.  You must have worked and studied very hard.  The atheist and the unbeliever...let us just feel sad for them, no matter what we do they will not believe!  We are now a country that is broke, spiritually, emotionally, financially.
Ms Terri Jacobus
Illinois, USA

The Lord Jesus Christ is the LIGHT that lights every man's way in this world.  Wonderful Jesus.  A Blessed Site, keep on keeping on.
Rose Dadson

I am interested in all of science, religions, etc. which there are in the world.  And I like to learn English.
Szilveszter Szabó

This is one of the most fascinating websites I have ever found.  Thank you for the time and effort you have put into formulating this site.
Becki Fields
Cumming, GA, USA

Larry D Stromberg
Bakersfield California

The truth of God's word will always enlighten the true believer.  Truth will always win in the end.  We need to continue to live in the light of his eternal word as we wait for his coming as King of Kings & Lord of Lords. What a day that will be for those who are truly born again and washed in his blood.
Sanford Hege
Chambersburg, PA

I found your website link in a search engine & when I clicked that link I thought you were joking.  You are claiming Christianity will give the guarantee to a person that he will go to heaven after his death.

EXCELLENT, I pray that the Lord God of Israel, risen Yeshua, protect you and keep you and your loved ones until He come again. 
Serbia live in Israel

Anthony Winters
Emerald Hills, California


Great web site.  Keep up the good work of the Lord! 

Which god is real?  Allah?  Jesus?  All those Hindu & Chinese gods?  I'm always told that I would go to hell if I do not believe in them.

I can say "All over the place" because that's where my job takes me. I've spent over a year in both Saudi Arabia and Iraq and five in Kuwait.  I've seen first hand the effects of war and the societies that emerge when Christ is denied.  In my own life, the Lord Jesus Christ is the one who saved my marriage, my children and my own life from the chaos of unbelief.  May His Word save yours as well!
Joseph Shemeta
All over the place, Middle East mostly

Amazing site!
Galson Magbanua

Wow!  What better way is there to express awe?  I happened upon this site at around 10 p.m. and have been cemented to every letter, line and page even up to now - 7:35 a.m.  I am a fallen Christian who has been called home for well over five years now and have only recently started to answer the phone - it has taken a failed marriage, a new failing marriage, the loss of a well served military career, etc. But, by golly George, I think that I may be finally starting to get it!  I am and will be in awe of this site and will guide as many I can toward it.  I am speechless and just totally blown away at this author's surreal attention to detail and breadth of knowledge.  I could never, no matter how good a Christian I could try to be, force myself to suffer through the books and other mounds of garbage (evolution, etc.) that you obviously have.  Through your tireless efforts, I have been empowered and now feel enlightened enough and confident enough to engage once again in the creation/evolution battles that I long ago gave up on for lack of knowledge.  I knew what I believed and why I believed it, but because of my spiritual and intellectual laziness/weakness, wouldn't apply myself and some time ago gave up on trying to spread something that I at one time felt as strongly as yourself about. God bless you, hold and keep you in the palm of his hand and I ask that you pray for me to get up, to hear and to answer post haste.  In our most beloved Jesus' name, Amen!  And the Angels sing!
Bloomingdale, GA

Your argument that the big-bang is the start of our universe is true, but it is not the beginning of absolute time.  The scientific method, as you say, is based on observation and measurement of repeatable processes. The process of the start, life, end, and rebirth of a universe is a process that, in length of time, is too much for us to observe and repeat.  So, why don't we see other universes forming in space?  The answer is in science, if they are forming in the limited reaches of space, then their formation is outside of our ability to observe them with the speed at which time travels and the distance that must be traveled to be observed.

Good site!  Good work.  This will be my first time visiting.  Good resources here.  All the best!

At a recent funeral for a member of my family, I found that we who mourned her passing were receiving COMFORT from the words of a Man of the Cloth. 
Terence Kelley

This teaching is really GREAT!

May GOD the Father, Son and Holy Spirit bless you.
Joel Ramos
Puerto Rico

Greetings Brother in the Name of our Lord.  I don't know if you remember me or not but we traded emails a few months ago. I have since lost some of my emails and also your email address.  Anyways, I wanted to tell you that your site keeps getting better and better. A university science major myself, I really enjoyed and appreciated your scripture references to the knowledge contained in the Bible.  On a more serious note, I am anxious for your salvation and want you to know that we are on the very doorstep of the seven year tribulation period.  I would like to tell you what I know.  Talk to you soon.  Peace and love in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus (Yeshua).
Mike Shields
Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Do you take any drugs?

Thank you for this awe-inspiring site.  I met this messiah of whom you speak in the fall of 1976.  He met me in the woods when I was desperate and contemplating suicide.  He has loved me to life ever since.  There is no other name under heaven by which people can be saved - Yeshua the Messiah.  I now live for Him.
Patricia A. Solveson
Northwestern Wisconsin

Your site is very funny.  I sincerely hope one day you open your eyes.
New Zealand

I'm sorry but my mind has not been changed.  I still feel that religion is bad and encourages intellectual laziness as well as hatred.  I don’t think there is a heaven, hell or god. 

Hey, I read your page on atheism, and well, it was amazing. I'm a Muslim, so I believe in Christ and the Bible too, and that the CJM (Christians, Jews and Muslims) should unite in fighting our common enemy of the modern world: Atheism. Keep up the good work!
Khalid Aziz

In the section, "Is atheism against the law?", I think you misinterpreted some of the scientific method concepts only to support your arguments.
The Agnostic

Wonderful, beautiful words.  Well done servant of the LORD.  I was witnessing the terrible events of Sept 11 and witnessing the work of Satan deceiving the elect and I cannot comprehend how we overcome the terrible events of our days.  But praise to GOD we are standing firm on the solid ROCK.  We now ought to work harder for the many lost souls in the terrible evil days ahead especially the Jews.  
Tang Danny

It has been a real blessing.  I would like to recommend this site to my friends.  Great.
Shalom Vijay

I was searching the web looking for a Jim May when I ran across your web-site.  You have taken a lot of time and effort on providing this information.  Thank you.  It is well thought out and informative. By the looks of your e-mail you hit the hearts of many people from around the world.  May their hearts be pierced to receive the Truth.  Your words have encouraged me to keep on keeping on in my relationship with the Savior.  You lifted my heart and spirit today.  Thanks.    
Boise, Idaho, USA

I have been a Christian for most of my life, but for much of my academic life I have accepted evolution as a fact.  Thanks to your site, God has shown me the truth of the matter, thank you!  God bless you! This site is such a blessing!
Hong Kong

I love this SITE!  God bless you all!
Macclesfield, Australia


I am really blessed by the comments, proclamations and the statements given on this website which are continuously proving to the world that the HOLY BIBLE is the only word of GOD and our LORD JESUS CHRIST is our salvation and the only way to heaven.  MY LORD JESUS has brought me out of the world of hatred & lies and chose me for his purpose.  Now he is using me for his glory.  He is walking with me on every step of my life and I surely know that you all, THE PROGRAMMERS OF THIS WEBSITE, are also having the same experience.  That’s why you have taken the initiative to tell the world that JESUS is the way, the truth, and the life.  GOD BLESS YOU.

I'm very glad I found this page. Thanks be to God.
Quirinus Abel
Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia

Just an old sinner who begs forgiveness.
Dennis Davis
Madrid, Iowa

Nice job showing how demented creationists are.  I disagree with everything. 
Robert Weldon

I want to know more about Prophecy and Jesus Christ.  Also about the New World Order...Thanks!
Frans Morwe
South Africa

Anointed-one.net makes my faith in Christ Jesus more strong then before.
East Malaysia

Awesome website.  Creation all the way.

Great job! Thanks for sharing! May He come soon.  Peace.
John Francis
Iowa, USA

Bit like the Lambs book of life!  Excellent site, clear and simple.  Bless You!
UKJ just returned from Israel

I liked your page and your thorough research and agree with most things you wrote.  I am a believing, practicing Shia Muslim, believing in the reappearance of Prophet Isa (Jesus peace be on him) who will bring Justice, Peace and Wisdom to mankind.  I agree on your view that there is only ONE TRUTH and we have to spend our time searching for it thoroughly and submitting to it.  I disagree with some other things.  With sincere wishes for a successful life and work

I am a born again believer and strongly believe that Jesus is the Saviour of mankind.  I love HIM VERY MUCH.  I would be delighted to receive more information about HIM. I LOVE YOUR SITE.  IT HAS WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE WHICH DOES NOT PERISH.
Seby Alexander

I think your definition of atheism is wrong.

Jesus is Lord.

While I disagree with your beliefs (I consider myself an agnostic), I have to say I respect the amount of effort you put into this website.  I wish all the Christians I've debated with were like you.
New York


While I have over and over read these scriptures in my Bible and know many of them by heart, you are indeed blessed with which simplicity you present the message of the Bible and Jesus Christ to those visiting this website whose minds are "calloused" as Jesus Himself said and so dearly are in need of salvation!  Your work is clearly a God-inspired labor of love in service to the heathen.  We are the ones Jesus uses most effectively.  PRAISE THE HOLY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.  Keep up the good work and be richly blessed!
Saved in 1999

I live near the places where Yeshua lived and I think he was a great man. A man sent by God to spread a message of love for each other.  But for me he is not God.  In Judaism, the most important message everyday in our prayers is, that there is one God, and that he has no human body or the looks of a human body.  And that is a hard thing, because we people like too see and feel the things we believe.  And here it is where we Jews do not do our job very well.  Instead of spreading God’s word we often keep it for ourselves. But God’s temple was a place for everyone, Jews and Gentiles.  That’s why I respect Christianity for what it is. I think it helps lots of people in their lives.  But for me as a Jew, I know that there is another plan for me.  I would like to invite everybody to come and visit my country, your country, because it is God’s gift to us people, for everybody.
Galilee, Israel

I found the Anointed-One.net to be very good and informative.  I have learned lots of new things which are very knowledgeable and I would like to thank you all for the great job done.  God Bless You.

Perhaps Jesus will one day return.  I wager it won’t be in our lifetime.

It is quite easy to find Biblical support for any preconceived notion.  A  prophet can no longer add anything to the Torah. Therefore, if any prophet comes to alter the prophecy of Moses we immediately know that he is a false prophet.  It does not matter whether he is Jewish or non-Jewish, or how many signs or miracles he performs. Shalom.
Fred Merkle

As you said on your website - only one version can be true.  It is our mission as believers to find out which one and not merely accept what religion we were born into.  Keep searching for the truth, God will appreciate your efforts.  May God Forgive us all.

I am 100% convinced in almighty God.  I am geared to explain to anyone the facts with word of Christ.

I really loved this website.  I have to admit I was struggling spiritually before I read this.  The whole scientific law bit really helped me a lot.  Thank you for taking the time to create this website.  God has really blessed you with knowledge and not that of the world but of heavenly things.  It was really great the way you laid your website out by comparing and contrasting.  This is a great way to lead people to God.  Thank you again for your time and effort in this.  I can't stress how much this has been a blessing to me.
North Carolina

I love Jesus.
Lazarus Francis
Sabah, Malaysia

I see from your site that the devil really can quote scripture (or in your case selected quotes from scientists and others).


Dear brother, your articles are excellent & informative and I will share this with all my relatives and friends as a service to God for their repentance and salvation in Christ Jesus.  May God bless you abundantly.
Stalin Chelladurai
Rajahmundry, India

LaDonna Marie White
Portland, Oregon

Well done, good and faithful servant.  Of course I'm quoting here.  I think Yeshua will say that to you regarding this site.  If I'm wrong, may He forgive me.  Shalom in the Beloved!
Jaymie Bellet
New Jersey

Thank You For This Site.  I’m 12 Years Old.  Thank you for this site for how to get to heaven and believe God's Word even more and thanking Jesus Chirst.  I love your site for me keep believing God and not to listen to my classmates that they say God is not real now I’m motivated even more for believing my religion thank you.
Lawrence Ainsley G. Rodriguez
Quezon City, Philippines

Keep spreading the word.  God bless you all.
Christian Alcantara

I think this is one of the most smug websites and the whole thing is an embarrassment.
Out There